Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We had the kids over on the weekend and carved a Jack O'Lantern, It has been a while since I have done it and it was so much fun with these kids. We managed to get through the whole process without slicing off anyone's finger or nose, inspite of Grandpa's dire warnings. A pictorial journey follows......

Assessing the possibilities

Sketching the face

This was the tricky part, but safety measures were observed and all fingers and noses were accounted for!!

The creative carvers

The finished product, designed by KID POWER

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The ground is white outside and I have a cold so I am laying low this weekend.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I think we used almost every pot and plate in the place. It was a feast. Everyone lent a helping hand, including Elijah who we put on KP duty. It was great to have Heather and her partner Brad for dinner, as well as the kids. Thank you Brad, he flew Heather up from Fort Smith and he flew down from Tulita. It was so nice to have family around to celebrate and give thanks. Cassidy was busy downloading music for her new IPOD which she got from her Mom for her birthday which is tomorrow. She will be eleven, it is interesting to here her views on the world and find out what that generation is interested in listening to and doing. She can make videos on her IPOD and that was a big hit, she is not sure how to erase them, but that does not seem to concern her. She is going to have dinner with us tomorrow and she wants, grilled cheese, hard boiled eggs and French Fries! I should be able to manage that.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Elijah did really well in his race and he had lots of fun with his buddies. Unfortunately he had an equipment malfunction. His pants weren't done up tight enough, or perhaps they were just too big and he had to hold them up for quite a bit of the race. He finished fourth out of about 20 kids and Barry said that as soon as the 2 kilometer race was over he went off to play with his friends. Apparently he fell asleep on the way home so all that activity must have tired him out.

Barry took these shots of the kids in their swimming goggles! Cassidy was reading one of her books to me and she said she needed to put on her reading glasses.

Barry went to pick up some groceries the other day. I asked him to get some pine nuts. BIG MISTAKE, I did not specify how many pine nuts I wanted. I was thinking, you know maybe a hundred grams, to put on salads and fancy appetizers, well look what he came home with. His excuse was that he was too busy looking at the horrendous price of the bulk almonds and besides when you open the bin, they come out REALLY fast. Can you guess how much he got. We figure there is over a kilogram of pine nuts in the package and they cost, wait for it, fifty-three dollars. Guess what will be included in all of our Christmas packages, maybe we could foist them on some unsuspecting Halloweiners!!