Sunday, November 30, 2014

Australian vacation

William, Jennifer, Quinn and I enjoying a ride at Sea World on the Gold Coast in Australia. 
We have just returned from a three week trip to Australia.  We went to surprise our oldest daughter, Trish, on her fortieth birthday. Originally our middle daughter, Jennifer, and  her two children were going to visit and she asked if I would like to come with her to help out with the kids.   Barry decided he wanted to join us because if he didn't come now he may not see the kids until they were a lot older. We asked our youngest daughter Heather to join us so all our children would be together. We were just missing our oldest grandchildren, Cassidy and Elijah who weren't able to miss that much school. 
\Barry and I and the girls, right to left, Trish, Jen and Heather, shortly after we found Trish. 
We started off the holiday on the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane, where we attended three theme parks in three days.  We surprised Trish and her family at Wet and Wild, a water park extraordinaire. Heather found her and at first Trish did not recognize her, it was a super reunion. We mixed and matched generations on the water slides, the kids standing tall by the measuring devices. 
The black hole was one of our favourite rides, it was completely dark inside so you would swirl and drop without warning adding to the adrenalin rush of hurdling down the ride.  Quinn and William, the two seven year olds, were the only grandchildren big enough to get onto this ride. 
Three generations floating along on a beautiful day.  
 The next day saw us at Sea World. The dolphin show was a highlight for me. 

More later, the Grey Cup is about to start.