Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello my name is Elijah and Cassidy. This is a blog about our gingerbread houses. Grandpa had a great idea, to make gingerbread houses using kits brought from the store. Gran and Gramps went to 4 stores before they found the kits, the rest of the stores were sold out!!
Everything started off better than normal, people weren't crying, the icing seemed to be working, Grandpa said no muss, no fuss, THIS IS GREAT!!!! The houses were stuck together, the roofs seemed to be fine, decorating was proceeding.

For some reason (it could be because Grandpa didn't read ALL the directions)the roofs of the houses started sliding.

The icing decided it was too tired and let go, the roof fell off and when Grandpa tried to fix it, he put too much pressure on it and it cracked in half and then it looked like it got hit by a tsunami of bowling balls, it was pathetic!

There were no tears, some disappointment (mainly by Grandma)but hopefully it still tastes good. Grandma resurrected the old method of keeping a house together using burnt sugar and we managed to salvage Elijah's house. YEAH

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Barry and I went out to his office Christmas party the other night and took his new hip for a test run. It did very well on the dance floor, it was great to be up and dancing with my MAN!!! We had a very nice time and I think the last time we went dancing was in Tonga at a feast at Big Mama's Yacht Club, over a year ago. It actually, crazily enough, kind of reminded me of that place because it was big and wide open and there was a feeling of space there.
We had the grand kids over this afternoon and made some Christmas cookies. These ones involved baking the cookies and then dipping them in chocolate and then in crushed candy canes. The kids had great fun smashing up the candy canes with a hammer I wrapped in saran wrap. We put the canes in plastic bags and then smash away, great fun. I really enjoy seeing them every week. We have signed up with them for the Boxing Day Bonspiel and hopefully we will be able to have them come and sleep over when we are house sitting.
Our friends Janet and George Diveky will be in Mexico on their sailboat over the holidays and have asked if we would look after their house. It will be nice to have a little extra space and have some dinner parties, where we can seat more than 2 people at the table and not worry about running out of spoons or forks.
It has turned cold here and the car did not want to start today when I headed off to the rink for practice. The coach keeps finding things about my delivery that I can change to improve it so I have lots of stuff to think about. Nice to have a coach that has the knowledge to do that for you.
Anyway, where ever you are I hope you are keeping warm, and to all you sailing buddies in the warm part of the world, enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A trip to the Hotsprings was undertaken and enjoyed by all. Graeme was able to join us and it was a good thing. 4 little ones under 2 1/2 are a handful.
Grannie was resurrecting her lifegaurding skills, neither one looks very impressed with the process, but they loved the experience.

Fun was had by all.

Jen trying to figure out what having twins would have been like.

The train set provided many hours of entertainment, not always harmonious, it went exponentially better after Trish made a trip to the train store and added engines and tracks so each 2 year old could have their own train. We figured that this was the time of their lives where they would have the most difficulty sharing with their cousin.

That's June I am bouncing on my lap.

June and Leeland were mostly quiet observers, they were just hanging around here, quietly cutting teeth.
William with his second cousin, Chantel, building Lego in Innisfail

Jen's trip out west was a success, we got to see almost every relative that we have in Alberta. It was great. I am just going to load up a bunch of pictures. I had a wonderful time and want to thank Jen for the idea of doing the trip and for having the energy to go through with it. I saw all my daughters and my 6 grandchildren in a week, it was super. THANKS JEN.
Visit with the Shanks clan in Calgary.

The cousins walking Mooch on the way to the playground.

The tribe, Trish put us all up for four days, thanks for doing that sweetheart. We all pitched in and created lots of memories.

The boys had a blast at the playground.

The time honored tradition of throwing rocks in the water. I used to do it as a kid, we did it with our kids, I had so much fun doing it with my grandkids. We have thrown rocks in some beautiful spots but this has got to be right near the top of the list.

We had our car stolen last Sunday morning. The police called at 0600 hours on Sunday and Barry went out to get the car. I was oblivious, sleeping away. Barry had been trying to perfect our plug in routine and had left the car door unlocked. We have always left a key in the car because it has a key pad entry so we get in that way and just start the car with the key we leave in the ash tray. I guess the car thief found that very convenient as well. The guy took the car and drove away after just putting on the windshield wipers. The rest of thee windows had about 4 inches on snow on them, over 10 cm for you young guys. I guess that was a dead give away, the cops being the observant people they are became suspicious to see the car driving around with only the windshield cleared and gave chase. The thief put the car in the snow bank about 2 km away and took off. The police did not catch him and we were only out the price of a tow out of the snow bank. Luckily he didn't wipe out the fence he got close to. Needless to say we no longer keep a key in the car!! A relatively cheap lesson.

What I can't figure out is how the guy could see when he was driving???

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

William was wasn't sure what was going on but he didn't want to left out of anything.
I am back at home after a whirlwind trip to visit Jen, Trish and their families. I managed to see all my children and grandchildren in one week, that was pretty special and well worth putting up with the cold weather and snow we have been having in Yellowknife. I have a ton of good pictures of my trip so I may do several blogs to share some great pictures with you. Leeland in his Hallowe'en costume, William refused to wear his dinosaur costume and was frightened by the scary costumes.

The modern female physician, Jen is ready to take her children Trick or Treating, but managed to get a few minutes of work in before we left, notice the soother hanging off the baby carrier, classic.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We had the kids over on the weekend and carved a Jack O'Lantern, It has been a while since I have done it and it was so much fun with these kids. We managed to get through the whole process without slicing off anyone's finger or nose, inspite of Grandpa's dire warnings. A pictorial journey follows......

Assessing the possibilities

Sketching the face

This was the tricky part, but safety measures were observed and all fingers and noses were accounted for!!

The creative carvers

The finished product, designed by KID POWER

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The ground is white outside and I have a cold so I am laying low this weekend.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I think we used almost every pot and plate in the place. It was a feast. Everyone lent a helping hand, including Elijah who we put on KP duty. It was great to have Heather and her partner Brad for dinner, as well as the kids. Thank you Brad, he flew Heather up from Fort Smith and he flew down from Tulita. It was so nice to have family around to celebrate and give thanks. Cassidy was busy downloading music for her new IPOD which she got from her Mom for her birthday which is tomorrow. She will be eleven, it is interesting to here her views on the world and find out what that generation is interested in listening to and doing. She can make videos on her IPOD and that was a big hit, she is not sure how to erase them, but that does not seem to concern her. She is going to have dinner with us tomorrow and she wants, grilled cheese, hard boiled eggs and French Fries! I should be able to manage that.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Elijah did really well in his race and he had lots of fun with his buddies. Unfortunately he had an equipment malfunction. His pants weren't done up tight enough, or perhaps they were just too big and he had to hold them up for quite a bit of the race. He finished fourth out of about 20 kids and Barry said that as soon as the 2 kilometer race was over he went off to play with his friends. Apparently he fell asleep on the way home so all that activity must have tired him out.

Barry took these shots of the kids in their swimming goggles! Cassidy was reading one of her books to me and she said she needed to put on her reading glasses.

Barry went to pick up some groceries the other day. I asked him to get some pine nuts. BIG MISTAKE, I did not specify how many pine nuts I wanted. I was thinking, you know maybe a hundred grams, to put on salads and fancy appetizers, well look what he came home with. His excuse was that he was too busy looking at the horrendous price of the bulk almonds and besides when you open the bin, they come out REALLY fast. Can you guess how much he got. We figure there is over a kilogram of pine nuts in the package and they cost, wait for it, fifty-three dollars. Guess what will be included in all of our Christmas packages, maybe we could foist them on some unsuspecting Halloweiners!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We bit the bullet last weekend and attended a fund raiser in town for Kid Sport. This is the charity that gives kids that can't afford it the opportunity to participate in sports. We feel that it is a worthwhile cause, AND, the headliner was Donavon Bailey, the Canadian sprinter that won an Olympic Gold Medal in the 100 meters in Atlanta in 1996. Barry was not really keen on attending at first because the tickets were expensive, but how many chances are we ever going to get to meet a real Canadian track legend. Donavon (notice how I just can bandy his name about, since I have had my picture taken with him) was accompanied by 2 rowers, Adam Kreek and Dan Rutledge, who won Olympic Gold in Men's eights at Beijing in 2008 as well as Fiona Smith a member of the 1998 Woman's Hockey Team who won a Silver Medal in Ngano.
It was an interesting evening, a couple of things stand out in my mind. Dan Rutledge (he is huge, notice how he is leaning over in the picture) said that he wasn't much of an athlete when he was younger but his grade 11 biology teacher had the class measuring their lung capacity. His buddies blew and did a good quite well and then he took a big breath and blew and blew and blew and he said he blew the top right off of the machine. His biology teacher told him that he had a huge lung capacity and that he should do something with it.
We chatted with the hockey player and she said her brothers were a big inspiration to her, she grew up in small town Saskatchewan and had to play with the boys in order to compete. There weren't many women playing hockey back then. (Fiona is the blond)She was smaller than me and I asked her how her size affected her game and she said that skill and speed kept her competitive. When women play against men, body checking is prohibited and she said that when her team was playing a men's team if the game was close and the guys realized that they might get beaten by a women's team the game became very chippy!
Donavon was a bit of a disappointment to me, he characterized his running as a profession, he said that he competed every week, it was a job. He did say that he was lucky to have been born with a body that very athletic and he worked with that gift and his career was a result. One of his favourite moments was when he won a gold medal for Canada at the Pan American games, I think it was the first time he had represented Canada at a major games.
We had a very nice evening. I splurged and had my hair "done" for the first time since we were married. My cousin Greg dropped by on his way up north again and he thought I was a low maintenance kind of girl, all Barry could say was how all the money he was saving buying the cheap brand of beans was going up in smoke!!!
Elijah our grandson is carrying on a Lange tradition. He is going to be going to run in a cross country race in Rae, about 60 miles out of town. His grandpa is going to drive him because he is too young to go on the bus, so they are going to get to spend some quality time together, stay tuned. Barry tested out the new camera last night and it recorded a video for more than 25 minutes, so we could probably upload the whole race, well maybe we will post it on UTUBE or something, I have never done that yet!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Out and about around Yellowknife

A gold mine which has gone out of business about 15 kilometers from town.
We went to visit our old friend France, she is quite the gardener, who would have thought you could grow eggplants North of 60. Check out these upside down tomatoes. You just water from the top, it is a great use of space.

This is the view looking north from Pilot's Monument the largest hill in Old Town. Notice the 3 storey blue building in the foreground. That is a stackable condo that an architect had constructed then brought up in three pieces then stacked. If you zoom in on the pic, you can see some workmen hanging off the red box like structure at the top putting siding on it. This is a view to the south, I was wishing I was in that boat.

Good place to store your snowmobile for a few months.

Check out the sign, You don't have to fence it in, just let people know that it belongs to someone.
As we were walking through down town on the weekend a white gov't truck went racing by us with his siren going, he had a orange pylon in the back. We made disparaging remarks, there must be a very large pothole ahead, etc, etc. When we got closer to the trail that goes along the lake, an RCMP showed up and someone was headed towards us and warned us there was a bear in the vicinity. The renewable resources guy pulled up with a dart gun and another vehicle was making a terrible noise and we saw this very frightened black bear go tearing off through the woods. We waited patiently, camera in hand hoping she would show up again but no luck. The Terry Fox run was diverted around it's potential path.