Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello my name is Elijah and Cassidy. This is a blog about our gingerbread houses. Grandpa had a great idea, to make gingerbread houses using kits brought from the store. Gran and Gramps went to 4 stores before they found the kits, the rest of the stores were sold out!!
Everything started off better than normal, people weren't crying, the icing seemed to be working, Grandpa said no muss, no fuss, THIS IS GREAT!!!! The houses were stuck together, the roofs seemed to be fine, decorating was proceeding.

For some reason (it could be because Grandpa didn't read ALL the directions)the roofs of the houses started sliding.

The icing decided it was too tired and let go, the roof fell off and when Grandpa tried to fix it, he put too much pressure on it and it cracked in half and then it looked like it got hit by a tsunami of bowling balls, it was pathetic!

There were no tears, some disappointment (mainly by Grandma)but hopefully it still tastes good. Grandma resurrected the old method of keeping a house together using burnt sugar and we managed to salvage Elijah's house. YEAH

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Barry and I went out to his office Christmas party the other night and took his new hip for a test run. It did very well on the dance floor, it was great to be up and dancing with my MAN!!! We had a very nice time and I think the last time we went dancing was in Tonga at a feast at Big Mama's Yacht Club, over a year ago. It actually, crazily enough, kind of reminded me of that place because it was big and wide open and there was a feeling of space there.
We had the grand kids over this afternoon and made some Christmas cookies. These ones involved baking the cookies and then dipping them in chocolate and then in crushed candy canes. The kids had great fun smashing up the candy canes with a hammer I wrapped in saran wrap. We put the canes in plastic bags and then smash away, great fun. I really enjoy seeing them every week. We have signed up with them for the Boxing Day Bonspiel and hopefully we will be able to have them come and sleep over when we are house sitting.
Our friends Janet and George Diveky will be in Mexico on their sailboat over the holidays and have asked if we would look after their house. It will be nice to have a little extra space and have some dinner parties, where we can seat more than 2 people at the table and not worry about running out of spoons or forks.
It has turned cold here and the car did not want to start today when I headed off to the rink for practice. The coach keeps finding things about my delivery that I can change to improve it so I have lots of stuff to think about. Nice to have a coach that has the knowledge to do that for you.
Anyway, where ever you are I hope you are keeping warm, and to all you sailing buddies in the warm part of the world, enjoy!!!