Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A trip to the Hotsprings was undertaken and enjoyed by all. Graeme was able to join us and it was a good thing. 4 little ones under 2 1/2 are a handful.
Grannie was resurrecting her lifegaurding skills, neither one looks very impressed with the process, but they loved the experience.

Fun was had by all.

Jen trying to figure out what having twins would have been like.

The train set provided many hours of entertainment, not always harmonious, it went exponentially better after Trish made a trip to the train store and added engines and tracks so each 2 year old could have their own train. We figured that this was the time of their lives where they would have the most difficulty sharing with their cousin.

That's June I am bouncing on my lap.

June and Leeland were mostly quiet observers, they were just hanging around here, quietly cutting teeth.
William with his second cousin, Chantel, building Lego in Innisfail

Jen's trip out west was a success, we got to see almost every relative that we have in Alberta. It was great. I am just going to load up a bunch of pictures. I had a wonderful time and want to thank Jen for the idea of doing the trip and for having the energy to go through with it. I saw all my daughters and my 6 grandchildren in a week, it was super. THANKS JEN.
Visit with the Shanks clan in Calgary.

The cousins walking Mooch on the way to the playground.

The tribe, Trish put us all up for four days, thanks for doing that sweetheart. We all pitched in and created lots of memories.

The boys had a blast at the playground.

The time honored tradition of throwing rocks in the water. I used to do it as a kid, we did it with our kids, I had so much fun doing it with my grandkids. We have thrown rocks in some beautiful spots but this has got to be right near the top of the list.

We had our car stolen last Sunday morning. The police called at 0600 hours on Sunday and Barry went out to get the car. I was oblivious, sleeping away. Barry had been trying to perfect our plug in routine and had left the car door unlocked. We have always left a key in the car because it has a key pad entry so we get in that way and just start the car with the key we leave in the ash tray. I guess the car thief found that very convenient as well. The guy took the car and drove away after just putting on the windshield wipers. The rest of thee windows had about 4 inches on snow on them, over 10 cm for you young guys. I guess that was a dead give away, the cops being the observant people they are became suspicious to see the car driving around with only the windshield cleared and gave chase. The thief put the car in the snow bank about 2 km away and took off. The police did not catch him and we were only out the price of a tow out of the snow bank. Luckily he didn't wipe out the fence he got close to. Needless to say we no longer keep a key in the car!! A relatively cheap lesson.

What I can't figure out is how the guy could see when he was driving???

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

William was wasn't sure what was going on but he didn't want to left out of anything.
I am back at home after a whirlwind trip to visit Jen, Trish and their families. I managed to see all my children and grandchildren in one week, that was pretty special and well worth putting up with the cold weather and snow we have been having in Yellowknife. I have a ton of good pictures of my trip so I may do several blogs to share some great pictures with you. Leeland in his Hallowe'en costume, William refused to wear his dinosaur costume and was frightened by the scary costumes.

The modern female physician, Jen is ready to take her children Trick or Treating, but managed to get a few minutes of work in before we left, notice the soother hanging off the baby carrier, classic.