Thursday, June 16, 2005

Barry and I arrived on the Lower Mainland about June 3, 2005. We spent three days running around Vancouver, me with a map on my knees, trying to figure out right from left and Barry patiently navigating the highways and byways. We looked at boats on Granville Island, in West Vancouver up near Horseshoe Bay, in Ladner, almost on the U.S. border and in Point Roberts in Washington State. We saw one we both liked a lot but it didn't have standing headroom for Barry and I figured that was a must.

We headed over to Vancouver Island on Tuesday, June 7 and immediately looked at more boats. The next day we hopped all over the south coast of Vancouver Island and saw 10 boats. That was a bit mind boggling, we tried to write down a brief description of each boat after we looked at it and then our overall impressions. We saw a couple of beauties on the North Saanich Marina docks, one at Panda 38 was to die for, but out of our price range (the housing market in Yellowknife hadn't been THAT good).

We were very interested in a Fast Passage 39 called Cats Paw IV. It is a good sailor, noted for it's ability to go offshore, this particular boat also had a number of items that we figured would be imperative if we were to go off shore. After looking at it for a second time, we decided to put an offer in. It was listed for $179,900.00 we discussed with our broker what he thought was a reasonable offer. We came up a price just less than $20,000 less than list price and we were prepared to dicker with the owner and up our price by quite a bit. Unbelievable the owner accepted our initial offer, WOW.

Now we have to go through the inspection process on the boat. We are wondering what it wrong with the boat that the owner did not want to dicker about the price???

If you want to see our prospective boat just click on the link below.¤cy=USD&units=Feet¤cyid=100&boat_id=1197079&units=Feet&access=Public&listing_id=68091&url=