Monday, August 29, 2005

The Top Ten Joys of Learning about a New Boat…. in no particular order……

1. This boat actually slices through the water, unlike Cirrus which kind of bounced around on top of it.

2. Cat’s Paw has an inverter, which means, miracle of miracles. I can plug 110 stuff in and it runs off of the battery, who knew.

3. We have beer holders in the cockpit.

4. You can’t manhandle the sheets and just pull on them, you actually have to use a winch and even go to the second speed, the pull of the sail is too strong for the first speed.

5. You need mega muscles to winch in these sails, holy mack, we worked up at sweat just tacking twice.

6. This boat has a mind of its’ own, yesterday the depth sounder refused to work, we turned it on, we turned it off, we turned it on, we turned it off, we tapped it, we swore at it, NOTHING, today we turned it on, it works, GO FIGURE!!!

7. There are 39 feet of living space and we are not sure where to put everything.

8. The boat basically steers itself, you can take your hands off the wheel and it just keeps going in the same direction it was, majestically, magically, moving along.

9. If you are tired you can go down below and lie down and sleep, you don’t get tossed around, you don’t feel ill, it just lulls you to sleep, like being in a hammock.

10. It has an electric windlass, need I say more.