Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a lovely time with a bunch of Bluewater Cruisers this weekend. We sailed about 20 miles as the crow flies on Sat. to get to the rendezvous. We spent the weekend swapping stories and getting to know some of the other people that belong to the BCA. They have three categories of sailors, dreamers, doers and doners. We are in the dreamer’s category at the moment and we met both of the other types this weekend. One couple were on a 18 month hiatus on dry land, their boat is in Denmark and they will return after she gets to plant her garden next summer, she was so happy to be able to do that. A couple of the doners had tales to tell, one fellow expounded on his adventure, living through a hurricane in Fiji in the 80’s aboard his boat!!! The other couple told of rescuing 4 Fijians stranded at sea for 6 days in a motorboat. The rescuers became local heroes and had a party and luau given in their honor. We got some tips on how to look after our floor and what might work on getting our spinnaker pole, which is seized on to the fittings on the deck, off.

You will notice that there are no tales of woe about Cat’s-Paw IV on this trip. She behaved beautifully and we were told that we had gotten a good boat by several sailors. They knew the boat; they just hadn’t met us before!!!

We had fun, we made some connections, and we learned a few things. Wowee, I think that was what this was supposed to be about. The picture is of the boat building contest that took place. Our boat is not the beautiful one with the gorgeous leaves, but the rather very rustic looking on next to it. Our boat did finish the race, but since the boats were all tossed off the dock at the same time they clumped, and there was a three way tie for third place, so there was a re-race. Our mast started sagging and the sails got wet and so we brought up the rear in the second race, but we did finish.

I hope all of you had a happy Thanksgiving Day and that you had some good food and good company.