Thursday, February 19, 2009

We have had a busy week. The boat is starting to look like a boat again, not a work in progress with tools, sandpaper and varnish stashed all over the boat. The cap rail is oiled, the grab rail in varnished (9 coats)and the boom gallows has 3 new coats of Cetol on it. The new hatches came in and one in installed, it rained today so did not get the other on. We have 5 new windows that work and let in so much more light than before. Barry put in a new head and a new Y valve so that the head can function properly. I repaired the sail cover by fixing the zipper and adding a 6 inch strip down the middle so now it fits the sail better. No more struggling to get it done up. I also sewed up the bimini, the snaps were letting loose and I put a patch on the area where the boom was rubbing. Barry fixed the bracket that holds the boom vang on. It was a great huge stainless steel bracket that we had made in Papette but it did not fit the mast properly so when it twisted with the boom the screws that were holding it onto the boom came loose. Barry repainted the mast and put an epoxy filler on to build up the area where the bracket would attached so that the bracket would be flush to the mast. He got that done and then a fellow came to rivet the bracket onto the mast. It looks very solid and we hope not to have any more problems with that.
Our anchor chain and anchors have been regalvanized but we are just waiting for the guys to deliver them. They are very heavy and we are not sure that they would transport very well in our car. The electrician also has some parts on order. The bus where the 110 power gets distributed to the boat has become very rusty and we do not have power to the aft cabin plug ins. The electrician has ordered something to replace the whole shebang, it is supposed to be here on Monday. Hopefully we will be able to get out of here on Tues and go cruising for 6 weeks.
The weather has changed, it was hot and sunny for 4 weeks straight and now it has become unstable. Every day there is a cloud build up and then it rains, now we know why this area is called Raingarei!! There is no sun out there today but once we get the second hatch installed I will take a pic of our new improved deck. I am thinking the deck needs painting but that can wait until a better time, no need to have a newly painted deck to be put into storage for a year or so. We leave NZ on April 23, a little over 2 months away so I am anxious to see more of the islands by water.