Sunday, August 30, 2009

Heather the kids and I headed out on the boat again this weekend. We made it to Romance Harbour which is about 12 miles down the bay. It was a gorgeous weekend, one of the nicest of the summer. I thought it was a spectacular weekend. Our good friends George and Janet Diveky brought their granddaughter, Jackie and she and Cassidy became instant friends. There were a couple of boys about the same age as the girls on another boat and all the kids had such fun. Romance Harbour is a series of very small, fairly flat islands, so we just let the kids go ashore and run amuck. They had moss wars, and as the anchorage was very protected we let Cassidy, Elijah and Jackie row about in the dinghy. The other boys had access to a motor and spent hours going in circles around our kids who were perfecting their rowing skills.
We arrived about 3 in the afternoon on Sat. and after exploring one of the islands we set out to catch a fish. Elijah hooked a mighty jack and was in the process of landing it when the beast bit through his line and made off with his hook and his leader. Heather suffered the same fate a few href="">minutes later. Jackie was luckier, she managed to land one and after it was filleted by Janet the kids explored the intestines, liver and eyeballs of the about 10 pound pike. The fish provided about an hours entertainment and the shrieks from the girls every time it oozed some bodily fluid echoed over the water.
There were five boats in total and we all got together on Sat. night and had a pot luck with fish as the main course, the whole meal was outstanding. We finished off the weekend today by flying the spinnaker all the way into town under a bright sunny sky. Apparently the northern lights were dancing last night but after all the excitement with the fish I went right to sleep once my head hit the pillow.