Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We are on our way to Vanuatu. We left yesterday, leaving the safety of protected waters at 1730. It was Barry's birthday so for a present I said I would give him a whole day on non-argument about sail set. I think I did pretty well; there may have been one or two half-hearted protests, particularly when he wanted me to put up the staysail after sunset in rolly seas with the wind blowing 15-20 knots. Up it went without a problem, I was pretty leery about going up on deck but once I was up there it was a piece of cake. Speaking of sunset I saw a green flash again, it was beautiful, Barry was busy and missed it, too bad, I think that was nature's birthday present to him.
I had bought a cake to cook for him, but when he said that I should save it for 2 birthdays at the end of the month I decided that was a good idea. I think Mike on Argonaut has his birthday only 4 days after mine, besides there would only have been the two of us to eat it and making it when the boat was healed over and all shut up to keep the spray out was not my idea of a good time. I also gave Barry a pedicure as we were sailing towards the pass, he really enjoys those, so now his feet don't stink and his toenails are clean!!
At the moment we are enjoying terrific sailing conditions. Wind is on our beam at about 12-15 knots and we are making 7 knots and our faithful windvane, Bob, is doing all the work without a word of complaint. We have 357 nm to go, at this rate we will arrive on Aug. 21 but more likely will have to slow down and have another night at see because it would be amazing if we maintained this speed the entire way.

Ann has indicated she will do a position report, Check it out: