Sunday, January 09, 2011

This is a bit of a rant so don't read it if you don't feel like it!!

I set out about 2 hours ago to do a blog and started by downloading pictures, then I decided I should back up the pics and then I thought I deleted a whole wack of them. I tried to restore what I thought I had deleted and the stupid old computer started acting up and I was going to throw it overboard, but I became sane again and stopped myself from doing that. I copied the pics that I did have on to another device and then tried to restore what I thought I had lost, now I am not sure I deleted anything and I am still upset about it so no pics of the Olympic Park or 10K Manly Scenic Walk or Sydney Festival First Night or the bridge that had to open up when we went through or anything (*&^*^%$^&%)

Maybe tomorrow