Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My Mom and I are in Canberra at the moment. My brother Bob and his wife Barb are with Barry sailing the boat north up to the coast to Yamba, New South Wales. That is where our daughter Trish and Graeme are getting married in early March.
We left Middle Harbour and sailed up the Paramatta River to the west of Sydney Harbour for a few days. Then we sailed back up to Broken Bay and waited for my family to show up. Once they had arrived we all went in the motor home they had rented and visited the Blue Mountains. We went up and down a few tremendous sets of stairs and saw some wonderful spots. Barry, Bob, Barb and I climbed down and walked around the bottom of the Three Sisters, enjoying the great path doing some Australian bush walking, known as hiking in Canada.
Once we got back to the boat my Mom and I took off south to Canberra and the other bunch headed north. We will eventually head that way to meet them. I am hoping to drive into the Snowy Mountains tomorrow. Barry has the modem with him so I do not have ready access to the internet any more so it may be a while until the next blog.
Mom and I visited the parliament building in Canberra yesterday, it was an interesting and informative tour. The house of parliament in Canberra