Saturday, June 18, 2011

We are headed for Cape York the most northerly point in Australia. The weather has been great for this part of the trip, winds mostly 10-20 knots most days and it has been bright and sunny so far. We have been sailing from sun up to sun down everyday but today decided on a overnighter to make Cape York as the anchorages were odd distances between Cape York and Portland Roads the last place we stopped. We get up in the morning, pull anchor set sail, then have breakfast, once we have dropped anchor we get supper ready, eat, read for awhile then roll into bed. We stopped for 2 nights at Lizard Island and climbed Cook's lookout where he went to see if he could find a way through the Great Barrier Reef, it was quite the view from the top. You would need a nice clear day and a good telescope to spot the way out, it wasn't obvious. This coast has a lot of history attached to it. We just passed Restoration Island where Captain Bligh and his loyal crew members landed on his open boat voyage from Tahiti. They sailed from here to East Timor.
Today is our 37 anniversary, I was just reflecting on some memorable other June 18's. In 1986 Barry and I went out hiking in Tungsten and were chased up a tree by a grizzly bear. In 1994 on our 20th anniversary the kids surprised us with new silver bicycles and we went for breakfast at the Wildcat Cafe. Last year we were in Fiji and we went out for dinner at the Octopus Resort with the crew from Cop Out and had kava and were serenaded by the Fijians. I will have to make a note in my memory bank about this one, sailing under sunny skies towards the most northerly part of Australia. We are close to 10 degrees south and we can see the Big Dipper once again. We are keeping our eyes peeled in order to spot the Northern Star. Think of us sailing under the stars with the full moon shining down on us tonight, it should be a great sail!