Monday, July 25, 2011

Arrived safe and sound in Indonesia about noon today. We fought the tide at the beginning of the trip and then the tide changed and it had a slingshot effect. We did over nine knots for almost an hour, I was in my glory. After we cleared the Australian land mass, the wind picked up and we did over 7 knots crossing the Arafu Sea (the body of water between Aus. and Indonesia). The winds were on the beam at 15 to 20 knots most of the time and it made for a rocky, rolly trip. I was actually a bit nauseous with the swell and wave action, but I ingested some candied ginger and my stomach settled down. We got lucky when we arrived and they came and cleared us before lots of other boats that had arrived ahead of us. There were 11 boats in the anchorage when we arrived, with 29 on this leg of the trip, that puts us almost in the top third, for sure in the top third of the monohulls, because there were about 6 cats here when we arrived, so we did good. We went ashore and explored a bit. I got a haircut, which I have been wanting for a few weeks but delayed because it would be cheaper here, I am happy (not ecstatic) with the results. My impressions were that we were back in Mexico, the vendors with non-first world goods, the shops all crowded together, the lack of road rules(scooters driving on the side walk), the hustle and bustle. Everyone seemed happy to see us and we were definitely an oddity on the street, everyone calling out to us. More later when I figure out internet access.