Sunday, September 11, 2011

We have just finished 2 days of diving, we dove 3 times the first day and Barry did 3 dives the second day while I opted for just 2.  They were all really marvelous sites and we were thrilled with the fish life, the coral was just brilliant, some of the best diving we have had.  The dive masters were excellent as well, humorous, very safety conscious, and pointed out many wonderful underwater creatures we would never have seen.  There were lobsters, scorpion fish, flat worms, nudibranches, turtles, sharks, moray eels, and MANTA RAYS. The manta rays were wonders of nature, gliding through the water with ease and grace. Their wings, for want of a better word, would pulse downwards and would flow beside, above and around us.  The first time I saw them we were diving and they were unbelievable, the second time I choose not to go diving and try and get some pictures.  We had been snorkeling for about 20 minutes and had almost given up on seeing one when I turned around to talk to my partner about going back to the boat and there was one behind us.  It was black above and below, most of them are black above and white below so this one was unusual and she glided  by us and I snapped pictures as fast as I could.  I was just pumped!!! Then we did another dive and it was the highlight, there were so many fish,of all shapes and sizes, great schools and 5k tuna hunting amoung them.  The coral ranged in colour from deep purple to lavender to bright blue, all shades of orange and red, soft feathery types that hid small crabs to hard spiky green stuff, it was magnificent.  Barry was ready to sign on to another dive tomorrow but we need to get moving so we can renew our visa's on time.  
We are headed to Rinca Island today to visit the monkeys and the komodo dragons.