Thursday, February 23, 2012

We are back in Phuket now, having just returned from the Similan Islands, which are about 40 miles west of Phuket.  The water there was so clear you could see the bottom at 20 meters,it was phenomenal. Every day we were in the water for an hour or two at a time, most days I would take an extra dip.  We would either snorkel off the boat, or take the dinghy around to a prime spot.  Rather than leave the dinghy in one spot we would just tow it with us and get in when we got tired.  Barry has the tow rope with him in this picture

The topography was quite different on the west side of the island.  The rocks were big granite boulders that were stacked on top of each other at weird angles. The beaches were beautiful the sand was as fine a flour and a joy to walk on, Barry even managed a short jog, because he just had to. 
I look so small. This is the same rock, just from the other side.

We will be leaving for Sri Lanka on Saturday, it should be about a 10 day sail, depending on the wind.  We loaded up on groceries stocking the boat up for the next 5 or 6 months.  We spent over 19,000 baht, which looked really impressive on the cash register, that equates to about $600 CDN, a lot of grub in any currency.  I will be posting our position daily and hopefully sending in a few blocks via ham radio.  You can follow our progress by clicking on link to Our Position on the sidebar of the blog.  We would enjoy hearing from you on our winlink address while we are at sea.  We will get our new sail cover tomorrow and go and check out of the country and stock up on last minute fresh fruits and vegetables. 
We did the tourist thing today and had fish eat off our dead skin, it was very weird, they really tickle and they kind of suck away at your legs and feet and even between your toes.  It is supposed to be a real treat but I don't think we will do it again, once is enough.   We are going to experience another part of Thailand's culture tonight and we are going to a lady/boy show.  It looks like it should be interesting.  The fellow that helped us at this store could have been one of them, the only way I figured out he was a man is when he spoke to us with a very deep voice!!