Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We are on our tour of Sri Lanka now.  I don't have much time but wanted to upload some pictures from each day.  Yesterday we went on a safari in a wildlife park.  We saw over 30 species of birds, mongoose, monitor lizards, wild boars, deer, water buffalo, elephants and a leopard.  The leopard was quite far away but we saw a mother get up and her cub go gambolling after her, magnificent. Our guide has a web site that has some great pictures so you could visit it if you would like to see some of the wonderful places we going to go in Sri Lanka, go to

At the moment we are up in the highlands, which are covered in tea plantations.  Later this morning we are going to take a train ride and see some of the old colonial buildings left over from the British area.  It was so cool this morning that we put on our fleeces when we went for our morning constitutional.  

                                                                         A beautiful bird called a bee eater.