Sunday, August 05, 2012

We are now in Reunion, a island 100 nm to the west of Mauritius, that belongs to France, they fly the French flag.   We made a very boring passage the other day, so that we would get to the entrance to the marina when there was very little swell.  There is a surf break about 100 m from the entrance to the marina and it looks pretty hairy when you enter.  We wanted to enter at a low swell level so there was very little wind on the passage, we motored, then motor sailed for about 2/3 of the journey, sailing from the middle of the afternoon until the wind dropped before midnight.  Looking at the entrance yesterday with the swell surging in we were happy we had arrived when we did.  We are busy visiting bars and restaurants trying to find the best Olympic coverage, our favourite just refused to put the Olympics on so we will walk down the road to another spot.  It is very mountainous here so we are planning on doing some inland travels which involve hiking.  The money in Reunion is the Euro and French prices are in effect, we are currently coming to grips with the fact they want about $140.00 CND for internet connection for a month, thus we are in the pub using the free wifi along with quaffing a few French beers.  We are hoping to find somewhere to watch the 100m semis and finals tonight.