Thursday, November 01, 2012

As we were crossing the Mozambique Channel, I decided to have a little fun on our radio scheds. Instead of just exchanging the boring old weather and position information twice a day, I began the 
 Mojombo, with the family from Australia, were our opponents and supposedly the only people on our sched. At the end of our run, near the Mozambique coast, another boat joined in to get the weather from us, and we found out after we arrived he was thoroughly sick of our limericks :) too bad he didn't want to join in the fun and participate.

ANYWAY.... the challenge was that one boat would suggest the first line, the other boat would have to come up with the second line, the first boat, line 3 and 4 and the second boat, line 5.  It led to some very peculiar but (we think) hilarious limericks. Gary has posted all the ones about Mojombo on his site, just click on the link on the side, and here are the ones about us, in the order that we came up with them. Mojombo started all the first lines for the Lange Limericks. 

Yellowknife Barry is fond of his beer
After consuming 2 big ones it's perfectly clear
Why he's chosen this life
And such a beautiful wife
So he shouts, bring another, my dear

Didn't realize my hands looked so old!

Bubbly Ann has a passion for bling
Blue topaz, necklace, earrings and a ginormous ring
With an array of new frocks
And her dazzling rocks
She'll sparkle while bottom painting

Barry dressed for a run in the wilds of Canada

                    From the wilds of Canada they've come
To the lure of the Pacific, they did succumb
Swapping a tundra freeze
For a tropical breeze
Cat's-Paw IV sailed west filled with rum

Charging down the coast of Madagascar, photo by Mojombo
Their boat is a beauty, a Fast Passage dame
Any boat but a Wasquiez she'll put to shame
With that fancy watermaking gear
And a windvane to steer
But with Barry on the tiller, she's really quite tame