Monday, January 28, 2013

Left Namibia

We have left Namibia. We would have liked to stay longer there. There is lots to see, the Okavanga Delta, the game parks in the northern part, and the desert. We drove about 200 km into the desert on Friday. There were a few dunes at the start and then it was just a flat barren landscape. The further east we got the higher into the mountains we got. We explored a couple of canyons and I felt like I was in an old western movie and the Indians would attack behind the next rise. We walked along a trail about midday and soon decided it was just too hot. I expect it was about 35 degrees, with no shade and a very dry wind blowing. There were hills with caves, where the wind had just carved a indentation into the side of the hill. I walked into one, there was a temperature difference in the shade of the rocks but it was still very hot. The road took us over a dry river bed, it was very lush there with green leaved trees and lots of vegetation. In one of the books I read it said that the river could be dry for 7 years and then a big rain would bring it all back to life. We did a little off road driving but our little rent a car was not made to be 4 x 4ing in. 
At the end of the day we sat and watched a desert sunset by a huge round hunk of conglomerate rock. I clamored up and sat and contemplated the landscape while I read my book, by this time the temperature had probably dropped 10-12 degrees and it was very comfortable. By the time the sun had set it was feeling cool and I was wanting a sweater. During the day we had seen some wildlife, ostriches, just out pecking at the desert close to the road, a warthog, wandering along the river bed and impala type creatures nervously hiding in the shade, there were also lots of birds we spotted. 
We are about 40 miles from Walvis Bay, with 1183 to go until we arrive in St. Helena.