Monday, February 04, 2013

We are safe and sound in St. Helena.  We made the 1222nm journey in 8 1/2 days.  It was a good passage, we hit the trade winds about 65 miles from the coast and rode them all the way here.  We broke a snatch block, it  was old and worn out and metal fatigue set in and bang it broke.  The "bangs" when you are on  passage are always very scary and we are really happy that it was only an old snatch block and there was no     collateral damage.  The other victim was Barry's new Kindle, he put it down then got up and turned around to adjust the self steering, then he sat down again and you guessed it, right on his Kindle.  He heard a crack and something broke, it won't turn off and the screen is all scrougy, meanwhile I and my low tech book that has bent pages and some sea water on it are still having a meaningful relationship. P.S. Barry would like me to add that Kindles aren't made for asses like him!
Pics and better update later.