Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas from Martinique. 
We are having a good time here with my Mom.  She is 85 years young and still ble to climb out of the dinghy and into the boat.  The other day we went swimming off the boat and she was able to pull herself out of the water and climb up the ladder into the boat.  I hope Barry and I are as spry at that age, she is really something.  Mostly we spend the days on the boat, swimming when we get too hot or head to shore to pursue the shops when we get bored.  It is great having family here for the holidays.  We have our Christmas dinner planned, we found a turkey roll in a store the other day.  Much to our chagrin we discovered we cannot buy propane in Martinique, we have to have European connections for our tanks, so Barry is in a panic that we are using too much propane and will run out.  We will have to sail back to St. Lucia, only 25 miles, to fill up our tanks.  Hopefully we will be able to wait until after mom is gone as she is not a geat sailor.  She did really well sailing to St. Anne from Fort de France the other day.  We gave her sturgeon a whizz sea sickness medication and then a wrist band that sends electric current to your nerves and I am not sure which one worked but Mom did not get sick on either part of the journey down,  We did it in two stages, the first about 7 miles downwind and the other a 12 miles bash to windward that took us 5 hours.  
I should go and see if I can find a super market and get some ingredients for Christmas dinner, here's hoping you all have your turkeys and they are awaiting their stuffing.