Thursday, August 21, 2014

Staying the winter

Barry has finally come around to my way of thinking and we will be staying the winter in Nova Scotia.  We have an unfurnished one bedroom apartment lined up, possession to be the first of October.  We purchased a vehicle a couple of days ago, so now it is official.  Mark, Jen's partner, is great at buying and selling used machines so he and Barry searched around and came up with a 2006 Honda Civic.  It seems to be in pretty good shape and Mark says we should be able to get our money out of it when we leave.  It is a five speed and it has an absolutely huge trunk and I love the colour.
Barry has been running around the last two days trying to line up insurance and plates for it.  Apparently the insurance company was never informed that we sold the X-Trail and so they think we owe them additional insurance on it, and we have to pay it off before they will insure us for this car.  It will take a few days but I am sure all the paper work will come through.  It is a little frustrating to have the vehicle sitting there and be unable to use it. 
The long term plan at the moment is to circumnavigate Newfoundland next year and then head back to the Caribbean next fall.  We would then sail across the Atlantic to Europe in the spring of 2016, but as you know a sailor's plans are written in sand at low tide!!