Saturday, April 25, 2015


We are off to Greece.  Mom and I spent the morning visiting Venice. We headed to San Marco square and visited the Doge's Palace. It was unbelievably ornate and beautiful.  I marvelled at the painted ceilings picturing the artist lying on their backs painting the masterpieces.  

The detail in the wood was outstanding. 
The amount of time that went into building and decorating the place is mind boggling.  

Looking out from the Bridge of Sighs. 

We took the public water transportation to and from our hotel to the square. On our way back to the hotel we took a wonderful gondola ride through the tiny side canals. 

 We saw two homes of famous Venitians, Marco Polo's and Valentino's! The ride was very relaxing and the gondoliers were so talented in their handling of their long ungainly crafts.  When we got to a blind corner he would sing out to make sure he wasn't going to run into anyone as he manoeuvred around the corner.  There are no vehicles in the inner city of Vencie so we booked a private water taxi to take us to the port, where we will board the ship.  It was expensive, but beat the idea of walking further pulling our luggage over the rough stone streets , then having to take a public water transport and transfer to a train and then walk goodness knows how far.  

The water taxi dropped us the correct spot and we boarded the ship without problems within 15 minutes of my planned time.  Now we can relax and enjoy!! We went right past the main part of Venice on our way out and it was quite the view.  Those pictures are on the camera and I will have to see about getting them on the IPad, we have misplaced the device we were using to do that. I went out to the observation deck and sipped on a margarita while snapping photos.  Life is good!!

I am having trouble uploading this on the ship so I have taken out most of the photos.