Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Greek Islands of Rhodes and Santorini

Rhodes was very interesting as soon as we docked we could see the ancient walled city that the Knights of St. John occupied.
We took a tour to see the remains of the 4th century BC at the Acropolis of Lindos which was an hours bus ride from the town of Rhodes. It was at the top of a fairly large hill and there was an opptunity to ride a donkey up.
  I tried to convince Mom that was the way to go but she figured riding the donkey might hurt her more than walking up the hill.  We started up near the front of our group and as Mom had to stop and rest the group passed us, then another group went by but out guide was just beginning out spiel as we arrived so Mom did wonderfully.  This path had small rounded pebbles cemented together so we were very thankful that it was not and had not rained in the last few days, it would have been very slippery.  
The fortifications at the top were the most impressive we have seen yet.  The ruins of the temples are in various stages of restoration.  
I think Mom felt a real sense of accomplishment when she was walking around the top and one gentleman told her that she was an inspiration to the rest of the group!! It was an absolutely lovely setting and I could see in my mind's eye Cat's - Paw IV anchored were that sailboat is in the picture

We walked back down and through the village, after that you had to walk back up the other side of the hill to get to the highway, fortunately there were taxis and we opted for that choice.  
Today we visited the volcanic island of Santorini, what a gorgeous spot.  We anchored in the middle of the caldera and were surrounded by the remains of the mountain that blew it's top in the 4th century BC.mmmost of the towns and villages are purchased on the rim of the main island.  When you look across the bay you think could be snow since all the buildings are white.  
When the volcano blew it's top it covered up the town of Lindos, the ruins are being in the process of being uncovered.  The whole site is under a roof so it comfortable to view out of the sun and wind.

We then went to the museum to see replicas of some Frecos that were recovered almost intact because a river of mud had encased them for centuries. 

The tour was finished at this point but a couple from California asked me if I wanted to share a ride over to the other side of the island to see another town, and I figured why not.  Mom had opted to stay aboard today to rest a little.  

I chose to walk back down the hill rather than take the cable car down.  There were certainly a lot less tourists on this particular path than there had been in the towns!