Monday, May 16, 2016


We arrived safe and sound in Bermuda, motoring the last two days to get here. That was not so much fun but way better than getting beat up with big winds and waves. It is lovely here, warm and sunny and a gorgeous little town with winding lanes and everything clean and tidy. We have not had much of a chance to explore as we have decided to have new sails made and have been waiting around for the sail maker.  Our fridge has also decided it did not want to work anymore so we have been anxiously awaiting a technician, but have been unable to get a time frame from them so we are stuck hanging about close to the boat in case they call. We will be here for over a month waiting for the sails, there are worse places to wait, I guess. The only thing is that it will put our timing for crossing the Atlantic about 4 weeks behind. We wanted to spend some time in the Azores as they are supposed to be wonderful but I guess we will have to see.  It will be hard sitting here watching all the other boats leave, but on the positive side, we will get to know this area quite well. 
Yesterday I balked at the enforced wait and headed off on my own.  I discovered this wonderful little beach of the northern part of this island.  Bermuda is a series of small islands connected by bridges, it is about 20 miles long and only about a mile and a half wide at any point.  We are. In St. George's Harbour which is where the custom's and immigration is and where most sailing vessels seem to hang out.  There is a bigger, deeper harbour down at the main town, Hamilton, where the cruise ships dock. We have not been down there yet so I will leave that for a different blog. 
The graveyard at one of the churches, notice how neat it is and the different types of markers. There re quite a few that were for people that had died aboard ships. 
The first night we got in we headed down to the main dock here and the were two tall ships in town, one from France and the other from the Netherlands. 
A view of the harbour, notice all the whitewashed roofs. 
There was a house like this on one side of the street and on the other this is what I saw. 
Strange they would let this place remain on such a nice property.  I wonder if it was just never finished or what??