Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Barry's first cousins n Lucy and her husband Mark are on board with us. They arrived last Thursday and we have been having a great visit ever since.  We anchored at the north end of the airport and the day they arrived we walked the half hour to the airport to meet them. It is a very busy anchorage with planes coming and going all day.  We have seen two planes pull up on final approach and flyby to return for another pass a few minutes later. There is also an island just to the southwest of us where tourist go to snorkel, zip line and eat and drink.  It is very busy at the end of the day with the boats taking the tourists back to the cruise ships. 
Lucy and Mark have been busy with their camera so we have not taken many shots ourselves. The day fester they arrived we sailed up to the north end of the island, about seven miles away and snorkelled on a wreck up there.  The marine life is not nearly as varied as it was in Bonaire. Mark and Lucy enjoyed the R and R and soaked up the heat and the sunshine.  Yesterday we took a taxi to the grocery store and when we returned there was not much room left in the dinghy so Barry took the supplies onboard while Lucy and I went for a walk down the beach. Barry had the inspired idea of having a picnic ashore so we had BBQ'd chicken with the trimmings on the beach and then went for a swim afterwards. 

Our good friends Jeremy and Kathy on Sal Darago showed up shortly after we returned to the boat. We knew they were n the area but did not think they would show up until today. Sundowners were consumed by all and the stories of four old salts flew around the cockpit. Jeremy and Cathy are on their way to San Francisco to visit their son who is living and working there.  
Lucy and Mark will be onboard until Friday when they have a timeshare. They have promised that we can come and have a big long hot shower once they are moved in.  I guess our new bigger shower bowl just does not cut the mustard. We will be heading to Columbia once we have a good weather window.