Saturday, December 03, 2005

We are in Comox today. It is December and we are still sailing, oh my gosh!! We got here yesterday and we happy to tie up and plug in and get some extra heat on board. It has been a bit cool while we are sailing. We have basically decided that this will be our last cruise until it gets a bit warmer. It is an adventure but it is not truly very comfortable.

We contacted two families from Yellowknife while we were here. We met Roz Smith and Bob Hauser, trimaran sailors from Yk. They came aboard and had a look around and then very graciously invited us out to see their place, we went for breakfast, cranberry pancakes, and then sat in their hot tub gazing at the snow on the coniferous trees. Peter, Catherine, Tegan and Blair Holmes our neighbors from Yellowknife and fellow sailors, drove down from Campbell River to visit with us. It was great to see them and go out to dinner.

We are tied up with all the huge fishing boats. It is very interesting to look at them and try and figure out what all their equipment could be used for. There was a fellow that was practicing his bag pipes on one of the boats today. It was a gorgeous sunny day so we sat on the deck and listened to him playing Christmas carols on the pipes. There is snow all over the docks so it really put me in the Christmas mood, it hadn’t seemed right before because there wasn’t any snow.

We are going to head home tomorrow; we are hoping to be there by Wednesday.