Monday, December 19, 2005

We have been having trouble getting connected to the internet for the past while. I wanted to get a map of B.C. and show you all where we went on our cruise, I actually scanned a map but you could not see the outline of the shoreline very well on it so I didn’t upload it. I will work on finding a different map, but when you do not have internet access it’s kind of hard.

The past week have been beautiful here, a big high pressure system is sitting on the south part of the island and the skies are sunny and hardly a cloud to be seen. We figured it felt like May in Yellowknife, there is a bite in the air but wow is it ever sunny, and to think there are only 3 days until the solstice and then the days get longer, wow!! We have sailed for 3 days out of the past 4, absolutely gorgeous. The first two days there wasn’t a lot of wind but today made up for it.

Picture it in your mind, blue skies, dark blue water, tall green trees and in the background Mount Baker covered in snow, and there we are with our while sails just gleaming, flying along under sail. We were zipping today, winds were up to 20 knots, there were white caps all over and the waves were only about a foot and a half to two feet. The water was flying off the bow in big bursts of white waves, magnificent, what a marvelous feeling.

We are at anchor tonight, at a bay about 15 miles from our dock and when you look out the hatch you can see Christmas lights on the houseboats at the dock. It is kind of neat that whenever we feel like it we can just untie the lines and set sail and all our belongings come with us. We don’t have to make trips to the store to get groceries or put together a bag with your clothes in it; it’s all aboard, just cast off and go.

Jennifer is coming here for Christmas and the Heather and Trish and Graeme are arriving on Boxing Day. It will be super to have everyone together, I figured we’d be having a Mexican Christmas but this will be great to see everyone again before heading south. We might not see them again for quite a few years so it is really wonderful to have them all here this year. I was talking to Jen the other day and asked if she would like to sail the New Year in, she thought that would be pretty fine so now I just have to convince the Captain that it would be a good idea. I floated the idea yesterday and Barry figured it would be pretty cold but so what, I think if the weather is okay we will be out on the water.

Hope you all have a super Christmas and we will be sailing between Christmas and New Years so sometime raise your glass and think of us and make a suitable salty toast. One of the things I regret about leaving Yellowknife is leaving all my good friends and family behind, take care and have a wonderful holiday season.