Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We may have solved our internet access problem. The antenna we bought to boost our wireless access was giving us problems. The wire that attached it to the card that you put in the computer had broken, due to careless use on my part, but we got it replaced yesterday ( for free, I guess a lot of people have been having the same problem) so I am hoping to be able to access the internet from the boat again. Since we were having access problems I didn’t get to put some stuff on the blog that I wanted to over the holidays.

Before Christmas we went on a lighted boat tour. Everyone decorates their boats, power or sail, with lights and then one night they get together and go motoring around the harbour so everyone can see all the boats. The Maple Bay Yacht Club (up near Duncan, on Van. Is,) were having a harbour tour and they had invited our yacht club to join, there was a pot luck dinner as well. We had not decorated our boat but friends that we have met through the Blue Water Cruising asked us if we were going to the dinner. When we arrived they invited us to go on their boat, a Beneteau 361. Our friends, Debbie and Lynn Greentree, had put painted plywood cutouts of the three wise men on camels and the angels on their boat.

The whole experience was quite magical, it was extremely dark and there were over 20 boats all decorated and we motored around the harbour for over an hour. They arrange to have senior citizens come to places along the harbour so they can watch the parade; it is quite a big deal in the boating community. The boat we were on even won first prize for their original decorating. It was a super introduction to Christmas on the West Coast.