Thursday, January 05, 2006

We had all the girls here over the holidays. It was great to see them all again, and to have them here together. Jen was here for Christmas and the other two came on Boxing Day. Jen and I played horseshoes on Christmas day up at the complex where Barry’s Mom lives and then posed in front of the flowering rhododendron to show you all what Christmas is like on the West Coast. It was my first green Christmas and it never did feel quite right!!!

Friends of my brother asked if we would like to house sit their house over the holidays, so we had accommodations for everyone at the house. It was a real treat to sleep in a big bed and to be able to get up and have a shower without getting all your stuff together and trooping up to the Yacht Club. I had wanted the girls to sleep one night on the boat, but Barry was enjoying the comforts of a house to much so he nixed the idea. We were going to sail the New Year in but it was raining and storming so it would have been very uncomfortable and perhaps unsafe to be out on the water so we spent it at the house.

Graeme and Barry went tool shopping during Boxing Week and the girls were treated to a shopping trip by their grandmother. It was fun to watch different generations chose shoes and boots. It was the first time we had been shopping on Boxing Day for quite a number of years, we are usually too busy curling in the Boxing Day spiel at the Yellowknife Curling Club, I wonder which family won this year!! Barry’s tool kit is looking much better now and he should be able to fix almost anything with the tools he has on hand. Of course you can never have enough tools, if you’re a guy, I think they are kind of like women and shoes.