Friday, May 26, 2006

OKAY so today is DAY 1 of our very own Van Isle 360. It wasn't a very exciting start because we basically motored all day. There was no wind. We are now in a little bay just north of Nanaimo, B.C. hope to be in Campbell River tomorrow.

I have done a couple of high tech things just lately. The first thing is that I once again have the capacity to be the scourge of the airwaves. We have been reporting in to the Great Northern Boaters Net. It is every day at 0800 PDT or 1500 UTC and it is on 3.870 megahertz on the LSB, so if any of you can here us we could talk after the net is over, about 0845. It is nice to be in touch with other boaters.

The big news is that you can see where we are going. On this site

you can find out where were are. I can only update once a day, so have decided to do it in the morning about 1000 so if you check that site about noon everyday you should be able to see how far we have gone from the day before and exactly where we are. I think it is so neat. I am out on the water and can e-mail in and anyone who wants can look up and find us. WOW, who would have thunk it.

The bay we are in has some old cottages on the one side and on the other there are these very expensive looking homes. I was wondering what the residence think of the cottages. Barry says it gives the place some character, what do you think?