Monday, May 29, 2006

Today is Day 4 of our Van Isle Voyage. We are in Campbell River visiting our Yellowknife sailing buddies, the Holmes family. We arrived yesterday and are staying today to take them for a sail. We really enjoy their company.

From just north of Nanaimo we sailed to Blubber Bay, which is on the north end of Texada Island. Apparently they used to hunt whales out of Blubber Bay, but no more, now it has a cement plant at one end of the bay and there were a couple of fish boats tied up that ran their generators all night so it wasn't a quiet anchorage. We had a lovely spinnaker run up to Blubber Bay ( I really like saying that) under sunny skies and with the wind behind us it was warm and wonderful. Yesterday we motored most of the way to Campbell River and then squeezed into a spot at the dock amoung huge fishing boats. Barry backed the boat out today because there was no room to turn around. We moved to a lovely marina, but it is more than twice the cost of the other place for moorage (ouch).

While we were in Blubber Bay we watched the sun set, Where we were moore in Sidney we did not see many sunsets and this one was pretty nice. I plan to watch a whole bunch more in the next 6 weeks.