Monday, July 03, 2006

We have had a relaxing week cruising around the Broken Group, a set of islands in Barkley Sound. One day we had a very persistent hummingbird buzzing around the boat, I think it liked the brightly coloured things around the boat. You would be sitting reading and all of a sudden you would hear a buzz, buzz as it bombed around the cockpit, they are quite the bird. One day we went fishing and actually caught three fish, they were small rockfish, but we kept them and ate them for supper. The next day I was reading some signs at a National Park campsite and discovered that they are a protected species and there was no way we should have ate them, OOPS!!
We cruised down to the eastern edge of the islands outside the park and there was an island that had been completely logged, except for one layer of trees around the edge. There was a logging road on the island and Barry's wish was to walk down a logging road so over we went. It was a pretty sorry site, there were old white stumps everywhere and hacked down bits of trees in piles, there had been no noticeable attempt to reforest the area, if you can believe it though, when we landed there was a For Sale sign posted just on the edge of the old logging road. I wonder who would think any sane person would want to buy that very ugly island.
Tonight we are in Bamfield, just at the southwest tip of Vancouver Island. We arrived here about noon today and spent the day walking to a lovely sandy beach. We had a great time strolling up and down the beach and scrambling over the rocks. Barry thinks the pain killers the doctor gave him have kicked in so was able to walk the distance without too much pain, we will see how his body is tomorrow.
We hope to go around the corner of Vancouver Island tomorrow and head down the Straits of Juan De Fuca. It has been quite foggy the last few mornings and they are predicting gales for the Straits overnight tonight so we will have to listen to the weather forecast in the morning to figure out if we want to head east or not. Heather is arriving with the grandkids next Saturday so we don't have to rush and can stay another 3 days and still be back in Sidney on time.