Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We are staying put today in a bay in Barkley Sound in what they call the Broken Group, it is part of the Pacific Rim National Park. It is blowing like stink out there and we decided just to stay safe and secure, there has been a gale warning for the last three days and it finally materialized today. We are planning on exploring around here the next few days, there are lots of little spots we could visit for lunch and then find a good anchorage for the night. We anchored at the end of the bay and there was a big tree floating there, we were a bit close and then when high tide came along and the wind came up, the tree started turning around and got rather close to us. We pulled anchor and went further away and re-anchored. Then tree did a 180 and turned completely around and it might have come pretty close to the boat if we had stayed put. It is rather big and still has all it's branches attached so I am really glad we moved rather than get tangled up with that thing. We have the end of the bay to ourselves, last night a group of ravens had a convention in a tree, first there were just 2 and they looked and sounded like they were having a good old chat and then another flew up and then another and there were 4 ravens sitting on one dead tree branch. It did make you wonder what they were up to.
Yesterday I walked to the other side of the island. The path was not very well marked and I made a couple of wrong turns but found my way eventually. Barry stayed aboard as his hip was killing him.

Our guide book said there was a sea cave down the beach, so I wandered down there and found the cave. It was fascinating, with a small beach in front at low tide, steep jagged rocks on both sides that were slippery so one had to be extra careful where they put their feet when scrambling down into the cave. The ceiling of the cave was covered with ferns growing out of the rocks, the cave went back quite a ways, about 30-40 feet ( I am not great with distances) getting smaller and darker the further back you went into it. I didn't see any dragons or sea monsters but it was certainly a place where they could live.