Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas to everyone

I am not sure what you were doing Christmas Eve, perhaps you were doing some last minute shopping, making sure you had all the fixing for Christmas Dinner, driving to get to some of your relatives homes, shoveling snow. Well, I spent the morning taking a surfing lesson!! We rode in the back of a truck to a beach about 1/2 hour away and got a surfing lesson. I never could manage to stand up on the board, but I did get aboard and squat on long enough to get a couple of nice rides. WHAT A RUSH, when you catch a good wave. The board just floats along for ever and ever. It just makes you want to try over and over again to experience that sensation. It was so much fun and I am really glad I had a chance to try.

We had a couple over for breakfast on Christmas morning, we had a wonderful fruit salad with all sorts of really fresh fruit in it. Then we pulled anchor and sailed to Manzanillo and managed to find Barry brother and his family. We arrived in time to have Christmas dinner at the all inclusive resort's buffet. It was very tasty although there was not any turkey in sight!!

Since then, we have spent every day with them at their resort. Hanging out suntanning and swimming at the beach. His grandchildren are having a great time playiing in the surf and this afternoon they are heading out on an ATV excursion. We are planning a trip into town tomorrow, we will go to one of the local markets and then head downtown to the old harbour.

It really feel like we are having a holiday away from the boat. Everyday we have to hike for 20 minutes in order to get to their hotel. 20 minutes isn't a bad walk except that for the first 10 minutes of the walk we have to walk up a 10 % grade then as soon as we get to the top we head down. The walk back to the boat is easier than the trip to the hotel so that is a good thing. Every morning I have to get my body in gear for the 10 minute climb. Bruce and Marg will be here for New Years and will head home on Jan. 1. We will probably head south again once they leave.
Apparently there is supposed to be a hockey game on the beach in a few minutes, Mexicans against Canadians, Mexican rules. This I've got to see, a Mexican rules hockey game.
Barry and I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and hope that everyone experiences the joys and happiness of the season along with family and friends.