Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We are in Santa Rosalia, we sailed down from Bahia San Fransciquito yesterday. That sail rated as one of the all time top sails. We had 15 to 20 knots of wind off the stern and 6 foot following seas. Cat´s-Paw IV romped her way through the 75 miles averaging about 6 knots. We just had the genoa up in the morning and then about 1500 hours the wind dropped and Barry agreed with my suggestion to put up the spinnaker and away we went, just flying down the waves, hitting 7.5 knots with ease, FANTASTIC. We even managed to take the spinnaker down just after dark and with genoa alone again surged on to Santa Rosalia. We found the entrance in the dark and put the hook down without any problems.

Our ham radio will still not send voice messages and we cannot receive or send e-mails. We are headed to La Paz and may be out of touch for 2 to 3 weeks, so please do not be concerned about where we are. Hopefully we will run into someone else that has e-mail access and I will be able to send off a message but who knows.

We are going to be here for a few days so if you want to send messages, send to my yahoo mail before Friday. Tomorrow we are planing a bus trip to a town about 1/2 hour away that has a lovely church. We are at a dock now and will charge up the batteries, which have been performing flawlessly, get water and load up on groceries before we head for La Paz.

We had fun in Bahia San Fransciquito. It was a great place to wait out the honking northerly, up to 40 knots. We climbed up a lighthouse that did not work and went exploring with our buddies from Decade Dance. There was an airstrip on an old lake bed and some palapas for tourists about 2 miles from where the boat was. On our expedition Barry put his hand down and got a quarter of his palm invested with cactus thorns. I had a go at getting them out 2 days ago and must have another go today. Some of them are quite deep and about a 1/4 inch long, so they are really in there.