Sunday, May 11, 2008

This is yesterdays position. When I talked with Ann today (to wish her a Happy Mother's Day) She said they had about one more day before they reached the Atoll's. I have had a look at some of the pictures of where they are headed and it looks amazing. For someone interested in diving and snorkeling like myself it looks like a bit of heaven. I hope they have some time to explore before moving on to Tahiti.
The Cat's Paw IV is sailing very well at the moment. They were making 6 knots even with a reef or two in the main and have even had to slow to 5 knots and pull the foresail to allow the companion boat to catch up. The boat that is accompanying them is a 36 footer and over many hours, slowly almost imperceptibly she falls behind when the Cat's Paw has a good wind in its sails. This is fine for the crew as they are forced to sail even more conservatively than planned which means less stress on the damaged rudder.
I asked Ann if she noticed a difference between having 2 crew instead of 3. Of course she said YES. She finds the hardest part is to be disciplined enough to go to sleep once her shift is over and not having someone else to talk to during those long days at sea. Helmsman Bob, you are being missed.
Well Mom I hope you catch up on some sleep when you are finally at anchor but if those pictures I looked at are anything like the real thing, good luck, paradise awaits.