Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Glory Hallelujah! The mechanic knew what he was doing and the engine started about 30 minutes after he came on board. Apparently it was air in the fuel line, we got a very expensive lesson on how to bleed your motor. We had never had to do it and the process was not described in the manual, so who knew??? We are back at anchor in Raiatea and all is well.
We thought we had troubles! We spent the day helping a couple from New Zealand decommission their boat and put it on the hard. Paul has heart problems, he could hardly walk 20 feet without sitting down and gasping with pain. Gina his wife was having to do all the work on the boat herself as he could not manage anything. They are heading home to New Zealand to where they can hopefully get the problem fixed. Barry and I cleaned and packed up the deck, deflating dinghies, put away sails, covering their bright work everything we could to lend a hand. It felt good to lend a hand where we could. We are going to hang around Raiatea for a few days and then hopefully head for Huahine.