Monday, June 02, 2008

The view from the back of the boat yard, see the moat and the seawall.

Our home for eight days. I hated the mosquitoes, they ate me alive. Damage to the keel, yech!
The view from the bottom
Damage to the skeg, looks worse than it is, we were quite worried about this crack.Repairs to the keel and skeg, the boatyard came in under budget and it looks great, time will tell if it truly is as good as it looks but we are back in the water and very happy to be there!!! It's been several days since I composed the last blog. We have been busy and are ready to leave Papeete tomorrow, I think. We checked out officially today and will head to Moorea an island about 12 miles away, not far. I forgot to tell you that Barry has shorn his locks. He couldn't take the heat and said that his hair was too hot on the back of his neck and those beautiful silver ( not golden anymore) locks are all gone as is the wildman beard, it is much shorter now so he looks quite civilized. I am going to try and upload some pics so wish me luck.