Thursday, July 31, 2008

BASTILLE DAY CELEBRATIONS IN BORA BORA We are safely in American Samoa at the moment. We had a nice passage from Suwarrow. I wanted to share these pictures from Bora Bora. First their was the big outrigger canoe races, then the parade and then the piece de resistance the races.

What would a parade in French Polynesia be without an entry of French pastries. One of the local hotels entered this float!!

This giant fish is a Mahi Mahi, very good eating. The fellow is there just to keep the flies off the fish.

The mermaid and King Neptune were the end of the parade. If you look closely you can see Neptune's sceptre and his gray hair. I couldn't get a good shot of him.

The start of the race. The things on the ground are tree trunks and there are palm branches and then at least four hands of bananas tied to the log, rather like a banana barbell. These guys ran in their bare feet for approx. a kilometer carrying these things on their shoulders, quite the feat of strength and endurance.