Monday, July 21, 2008

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Well the sailors called when they had land in sight. The position that is posted is approx. 4 miles off the atoll and they were actually under motor because the winds had died right off. Ann said that they had a marathon day of sail changing, up, down, on, off, and do it all over again due to the changing wind conditions...I believe that there were a few choice words muttered by Captain Greybeard. Even though the Cat's Paw was tossed around a bit by the wind and high seas and the sailors were having to put up with some discomfort there were some fellow sailors that did not fair as well. I guess there was a group of boats that left a day or two before the Cat's Paw and they were unlucky enough to get much rougher conditions. One boat actually rolled and broke its mast and another broke some crucial part while taking to long to jibe. Mom says there is a party being held by the sailors to celebrate surviving the crossing in mostly one piece, the Cat's Paw IV crew plans to be in attendance. Enjoy!!