Saturday, January 17, 2009

We are in Picton now. We came here today and will take the ferry to the North Island tomorrow. We had a nice drive here after visiting our buddies in Nelson. It was great relaxing and visiting with them. I went to the Nelson Cathedral on Sat. night and heard a soprano and a tenor sing a varied repertoire. We got cultered and I really enjoyed it. Today we went and saw the ninth oldest boat in the world. It was just a hull but it was amazing to walk in the hull and look at how huge it was. It wa built in 1858 and was used to transport convicts to Australia, way back when. They even had a list of convicts that were onboard the ship and I looked to see if any of my ancestors were listed.
Barry and I saw the movie Earth. It has some marvelous footage in it so if you get a chance go and see it, wonderful stuff. We are at a backpackers hotel so I will not attempt to upload any photos today but perhaps the next time we encounter WIFI I will try.