Monday, January 19, 2009

We crossed the Cook Strait today. It was a great crossing, extremely calm. We had a real treat as we crossed, the Captain came to the main deck and asked if anyone would like a tour of the bridge. Barry and I jumped at the chance and it was a real treat to get a tour of the bridge of the inter island ferry. The Captain explained how they steered the boat and how they docked it. The docking procedure looked like someone working a video game. We spent the rest of the day driving north. We decided to head up the west coast and tonight we are in New Plymouth. The last part of the journey was through some prime surfing territory. The waves were huge today, but it was really windy so I don’t think it would be much fun surfing out there. I think we will make it back to the boat tomorrow. It will be a long day but we hope to get an early start.