Monday, May 04, 2009

We are on Vancouver Island now. We are staying with Barry's sister Sherran, her daughter from England arrived yesterday so she has a house full. We haven't seen Amanda since she was about 10 so it has been wonderful to get reaquainted with her as an adult.
We have been busy visiting with Barry's Mom and going to look in the "barn". The barn has all of our wordly belongings in it that are not on the boat. We have been sorting through our cold weather clothes as well as work clothes to try and decide what we need to go back up north. I finally found my parka today so I am a happy camper. One of the boxes had hosted a mouse family in it so it stunk and some of my clothes were slightly chewed. It gave me a good excuse to throw away a few items. I should have just taken everything I did not want to take with me to a good will store but we did not allocate time to do that. I am sure I could happily pitch half of the stuff in the "barn". I did manage to come across some of my cook books, which I dearly missed on the boat, so I will be able to feed us in style. The car is going to be packed!!
Barry's Mom has a new pet. It is a rag doll cat, she is very beautiful, a creamy white colour with grey paws. She has long hair and striking blue eyes. Her colour will change as she ages (her fur will darken to grey) and Georgie says that she notices changes weekly. Chat is only 8 months old and is a very inquisitive cat, she is quite playful and Barry and I had fun with her and her toys.
We head off for our cruise tomorrow. The cruise leaves from Vancouver and calls at Seattle, Port Angeles, Victoria and Port Alberni before returning to Vancouver. All of Barry's siblings, their spouses, Barry's Mom and his niece from England will be on the cruise. His sister suggested it and said we should have a fun get together instead of just meeting at funerals, good point.
I have been some re-entry anxiety, yesterday I went shopping for runners and left one store because there were too many people in it. I actually bought the second pair of shoes I tried on because I couldn't face all the choices there were. I am also worried about finding a place to live in Yellowknife. Barry has become the optomist and figures we will have no problems, there will be plenty of partially furnished apt. that we can move into, yeah right!!! It is funny when the roles change, I find his optimism quite hard to take, he must be crazy to think that way, is that how he views my usually sunny outlook on life???