Thursday, April 30, 2009

We are in Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Canada at the moment. We are visiting our daughter Jennifer, her partner Mark and our grandson, William. William is a treasure, full of personality and mischief, just as a two year old should be. We have really enjoyed getting to know him. Jennifer is a whirlwind of action as usual, she cooked a turkey with all the trimmings when we first arrived. Yesterday we went out and picked willow so she could make some baskets in her spare time!!!!!

Jen had to work a couple of days we were here so we took the opportunity to drive around the Cabot Trail. Mark very generously lent us his new truck and we tootled around in great comfort. The leaves are not out on the trees yet so the true beauty of the trail was not in full bloom. The advantage to going now was that we had the place to ourselves, yeah. We did not have to fight the traffic or the crowds.
Jennifer has given us an old camera she is no longer using so we are once again able to visually record our lives.

William got a new wagon and after his Dad had assembled it, he had great fun pushing it around the deck. We went to the playground yesterday and had great fun on the slide, William did not like the swings so much, too confining according to Mom. William also really enjoys riding around on the lawn tractor. Jen and Mark have a huge lot, almost an acre of lawn, lots of mowing!
Today we head to the west coast to see Barry's family. We will be there for 5 days before going on a 5 day cruise with them. The cruise ship should be fun, a different sort of experience on the water.