Monday, September 14, 2009

Out and about around Yellowknife

A gold mine which has gone out of business about 15 kilometers from town.
We went to visit our old friend France, she is quite the gardener, who would have thought you could grow eggplants North of 60. Check out these upside down tomatoes. You just water from the top, it is a great use of space.

This is the view looking north from Pilot's Monument the largest hill in Old Town. Notice the 3 storey blue building in the foreground. That is a stackable condo that an architect had constructed then brought up in three pieces then stacked. If you zoom in on the pic, you can see some workmen hanging off the red box like structure at the top putting siding on it. This is a view to the south, I was wishing I was in that boat.

Good place to store your snowmobile for a few months.

Check out the sign, You don't have to fence it in, just let people know that it belongs to someone.
As we were walking through down town on the weekend a white gov't truck went racing by us with his siren going, he had a orange pylon in the back. We made disparaging remarks, there must be a very large pothole ahead, etc, etc. When we got closer to the trail that goes along the lake, an RCMP showed up and someone was headed towards us and warned us there was a bear in the vicinity. The renewable resources guy pulled up with a dart gun and another vehicle was making a terrible noise and we saw this very frightened black bear go tearing off through the woods. We waited patiently, camera in hand hoping she would show up again but no luck. The Terry Fox run was diverted around it's potential path.