Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This is a little late but I want to show you what a beautiful cake my grandchildren decorated for me. Heather baked it and then the kids choose the colours they thought the
icing should be. Apparently the red was really hard to make and they put lots and lots of food colouring in it, I really enjoyed their efforts. Before dinner we had some Skype video sessions with Trish and Jen. Elijah enjoyed making faces at the camera on the computer to entertain his cousins. My Mom gave me a new set of headphones, at the suggestion of my brother, so we were able to communicate very well. The Divekys joined us for dinner and a good time was had by all.
My present from Barry was a fly swatter, we had scoured the stores in New Zealand looking for one. They had electronic ones, but they are so dissatisfying, you can not get a good whack in with them, if you do that they are liable to disintegrate and you are reduced to waving the thing ineffectually about as the flies buzz thither and yon. Now, with a real fly swatter you can whack about wherever you want and sooner or later you will hit something and even if you don't you get rid of some of that annoyance that was building up in your body when you had to listen or watch the intrusive insect buzz and flit about. So in other words I was extremely pleased to get a fly swatter for my birthday.