Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We had our car stolen last Sunday morning. The police called at 0600 hours on Sunday and Barry went out to get the car. I was oblivious, sleeping away. Barry had been trying to perfect our plug in routine and had left the car door unlocked. We have always left a key in the car because it has a key pad entry so we get in that way and just start the car with the key we leave in the ash tray. I guess the car thief found that very convenient as well. The guy took the car and drove away after just putting on the windshield wipers. The rest of thee windows had about 4 inches on snow on them, over 10 cm for you young guys. I guess that was a dead give away, the cops being the observant people they are became suspicious to see the car driving around with only the windshield cleared and gave chase. The thief put the car in the snow bank about 2 km away and took off. The police did not catch him and we were only out the price of a tow out of the snow bank. Luckily he didn't wipe out the fence he got close to. Needless to say we no longer keep a key in the car!! A relatively cheap lesson.

What I can't figure out is how the guy could see when he was driving???